Are Promotional Pens a Good Form of Marketing?

At the turn, promotional materials such as pens and those annoying pom-poms with Googly eyes were hard to avoid. Seemingly everywhere, business owners and big business went mad for several years, throwing money at promotion of the idea that the more information that is out there with the company name on, the more successful the company is.

Ten years later, and that has changed somewhat. Marketers and companies are being more selective with the selection and distribution of promotional materials and are instead trying to ensure that their name is remembered by people who are really interested. Mass buy promotional material is relatively cheap, but it is very easy to get carried away with buying promotional materials, so companies are trying to save money by not going too over the top!

Promotional pens are one form of promotional materials that have been extremely popular over the years. You rarely see pom-poms these days, but promotional pens are still absolutely everywhere. It is clear that although many companies see them as a waste of money, the vast majority of people believe that promotional pens can actually add value to the company and are good value for money.

Why exactly are promotional pens such good form marketing material? If you’re anything like me, then you will find that you rarely need to buy a pen. Pensions seem to float from person to person and you never seem to hold the pen more than a month or so before you take you have somehow inherited a new one. A recent study found that pens have an average of eight owners in its lifetime. This means that the label on promotional pens will be seen by eight different people for very minimal waste. When you often this with total distribution of all promotional pens, the number of people who can potentially see your brand is enormous.

The reason why pens are particularly good investment due to the fact that most people will use one at least once per day. Go to the desk right now and I guarantee you’ll find promotional pens! When you give someone a pilot or pom-pom, it will sit on the table for a while before it is discarded. A pen, on the other hand, is used until it runs out. This can be a very long time.

Promotional pens will be distributed effectively in order to add some serious value campaign, however, they must also have the correct information about them. You need to decide if you want to distribute to existing customers or potential ones. You may want to consider distributing expensive pens to your existing clients. The pen itself, it is important to determine what information is. Try to keep it simple by simply put down your company’s website, the company name and logo. This is likely to be enough for people to remember your brand.

Promotional pens tend to be a great form of marketing and advertising pens have a number of users in their lifetime. However, be sure to carefully distribute the pens as they can be an expensive waste of money if not issued to the right audience.

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